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Parental Info - Information for Grown-Ups | Paddle Pop

Dear Mums, Dads, and Guardians,

As parents and guardians, we all know there’s nothing quite like a child’s imagination and its power to dream up fantastic worlds and exciting adventures.

Which is why, at Paddle Pop, we believe kids should enjoy a childhood full of creative, adventurous play, and feel free to let their imaginations run wild.

So we've created an online world full of rich stories and exciting games. A place where your child can hang out with friends and simply be himself. Also, everything on this website is free, so you'll never have unexpected bills on your credit card.

And because we know that even an alien invasion wouldn’t stop our kids from wanting to play videogames and watch cartoons, we’ve made sure that at least ours are as educational as they are fun. Read on to learn more.


Our activities for kids fall into four categories:


1. Videos and Games

Stimulating, challenging, and more than a little exciting, our games are filled with moments from the animated tales of Paddle Pop and Friends. Kids love that they get to join in, and it fires up their imaginations.


2. Crafting and Creating

From designing their own avatars to coloring and folding real papercraft figures, we provide loads of ways for kids to express their personalities.


3. Playing Together

The web is an inherently social place, and we offer a safe way for kids to meet up with friends both old and new. Many of our activities can be enjoyed in groups (and with a parent or guardian, of course!)


4. Being Active

We believe that all things should be enjoyed in moderation, and making sure kids play outdoors as much as indoors is one of our biggest priorities. With this vision in mind, we are working on new online activities that incorporate real world play to make your children more active.

WORLD OF Paddle Pop

At the heart of our website is World of Paddle Pop, a multiplayer game world filled with quests and places to explore.

Completely Free

World of Paddle Pop costs nothing to play, period. The only currency your child will ever use is virtual, and they have to earn it all themselves in the game (just like doing chores for

Safe Chat

Communication between players makes the game experience richer, and is always safe because all words and phrases are predefined.


You'll be pleased to know that kids defeat Shadow Master's evil forces with spells and magic, not sharp swords or lasers. In addition to the gentler gameplay, there is lots more to do in World of Paddle Pop than fight!

Varied Gameplay

Our open-world design means that there's always something to do, whether your child prefers to explore, make friends, battle evil, or search the world for rare treasures.

Creative Expression

Children begin by designing game versions of themselves, known as 'avatars'. They can choose the color of their eyes, try on hairstyles they'd never wear in real life, and dress themselves up in dozens of outfits.

What Kids Can Learn?

The best kinds of play involve learning something, and our in-game activities are no different. We’ve created games that expose your child to strategy, maths, and logic.


Strategic Thinking

To advance in World of Paddle Pop, kids fulfill quests given to them by characters in the game. These quests encourage critical thinking and problem solving.



One of our main themes is the power of friendship, and World of Paddle Pop is no solitary journey. Your child will meet thousands of other kids as they progress. It doesn't matter if they're a little shy in real life — everyone's out of their shell in the Lion


Money Management

Spending all your money at once doesn't get you very far in real life, and it’s just the same in World of Paddle Pop. Through first-hand experience, kids will learn to count, value, and save virtual money. Time to get them a bigger piggy bank!



We know kids love to make things and be original. That's why our site has tools for them to make their own posters, paper figures, and even games.


How to Overcome Challenges

World of Paddle Pop isn't a game that kids can sit down and finish on their first go. Like graduating from school, it takes patience, perseverance, and planning – valuable lessons for life!

Online Privacy

We are committed to protecting your child’s online privacy, and ensuring that whenever there is a need to collect personal information from your child for specific purposes, that such personal information is protected. We will also take appropriate measures to obtain your consent by email prior to such collection of personal information from your child.

We will not keep the personal information for longer than is necessary to fulfil the specific purpose for which it is collected, unless we need to keep it for legitimate business or legal reasons. As a general rule, we do not share the personal information with anyone outside of the Unilever group of companies though we may in limited instances share it with trusted third parties, including our service providers or digital agencies.

Although kids play and inhabit our virtual worlds together, there is never any direct communication between them on our World of Paddle Pop website. We employ a safe chat system that only allows the use of predefined words and phrases, so you don’t have to worry about what is being exchanged.

Should you have any questions about our privacy policy, please Contact Us:

For more information about Paddle Pop and our mission, visit the About Us page.